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SABs – Almost Here or Have They Already Arrived?

by on September 19, 2013

Flowing StreamThe SuDS Approving Body (SAB) role is being reported to commence in April 2014, as indicated in the letter that Richard Benyon, MP sent out to Councils and Local Authorities Chief Executives across the UK on 20th May 2013. In this letter he covered the key roles and responsibilities and included the following statement;

SUDS implementation
I am aware that the extended timetable for commencing the sustainable drainage provisions in the Flood and Water Management Act has been of concern to authorities who will be responsible for implementing them. It is our aim to commence these provisions by April 2014. I understand the uncertainty which the timetable has caused”. – Richard Benyon, MP

We have spoken to many of the Local Authorities and have observed that many of them are already very actively pursuing the implementation of the SAB role, some in fact have already put a person in the position and are gearing up to be ready for next year. New SuDS manuals are being produced and clear plans are being put in place and roles restructured to assist in the future implementation of the role.

Others are holding their breath and waiting till the 11th hour at the beginning of October, to see if in fact Defra follow through and launch the SAB initiative in time for April 2014. If it does go ahead, which many predict it will, we should see an almighty scramble to try to gear up councils for the April deadline.

CIWEM Approved TrainingAlready Arup, Hydro International and Micro Drainage have developed a very comprehensive 2 day SAB training course which has received approval from CIWEM (Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management). This course discusses the requirements of the SAB role and more specifically addresses the practical ‘how to’ aspects using industry standard software. This training is followed up with a free refresher webinar in April 2014 as the SAB roles should be launching.

Other SAB themed training is also available from CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association).

For more information visit

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