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New R&D report on benchmarking the latest 2D models reveals the power of XPSTORM

by on August 28, 2013

xpstormXPSTORM performed strongly in the latest round of 2D benchmarking tests conducted on behalf the Environment Agency. This TUFLOW powered, integrated 1D and 2D hydraulic/hydrology software is used extensively throughout the world. The Environment Agency’s latest tests have confirmed that it is a strong newcomer to hydraulic modelling in the UK.

Under the direction of Prof Garry Pender (Herriot Watt University) and Stefan Laeger (Environment Agency), an extensive Research Project has been undertaking on ‘Benchmarking the latest generation of 2D hydraulic modelling packages’ (SC120002). Conducted over the last year, these tests are one of the most comprehensive head to head analyses of 2D hydraulic modelling tools available for use in flood and coastal risk management the UK.

Mr Laeger explains, “2D hydraulic flood models are a vital tool in assessing flood risk and the effects of interventions. They support many vital applications including flood mapping, wider risk assessment and appraisal of options as well as supporting the design of structural measures such as flood defences.

This research produced up-to-date evidence of which hydraulic modelling packages are suitable for which types of flood risk management modelling applications so that Environment Agency operational teams and practitioners can apply available flood modelling tools with confidence.”

FloodingMicro Drainage’s David Fortune commented, “We’re so excited to finally have an accurate reflection of just what XPSTORM can do. We have developed this product over 20 years and it is used extensively elsewhere in the world, but it’s still very new to the UK. We are proud of XPSTORM’s consistent results and this demonstration of its performance against some of the more established brand names in the UK modelling space.”

The report tested a number of complex scenarios to determine the software ‘fit for purpose’ for a range of uses including:  Flooding a disconnect water body, Filling of floodplain depressions, Momentum conservation over a small obstruction, Speed of flood propagation over an extended floodplain, Valley flooding, Dambreak, River and floodplain linking, Rainfall and point source surface flow in urban areas, Surface flow from a surcharging sewer in urban areas, and Run times.

On top of the benchmarking performance, XPSTORM brings seamless integration with Micro Drainage – WinDes (the UK standard sustainable drainage design package).

For the full Environment Agency R&D report on “Benchmarking the latest generation of 2D hydraulic models” visit

For more information on XPSTORM visit

For more information on Micro Drainage visit or call +44 (0)1635 582 555.

About xpstorm:

XPSTORM provides comprehensive hydrology and hydraulics in the same model. It is possible to model the real world including channels, pipes, streets, inlets, ponds, weirs, pumps, catchments, groundwater table, overland floodplains, bioretention areas, infiltration trenches and more. Stable, fully integrated 1D and 2D modelling allows you to see the true behaviour of stormwater flow in natural and engineered systems.

With over 15 hydrologic methods available and numerous ways to input real or synthetic rainfall data, XPSTORM allows users to model the appropriate rainfall/runoff for their project.

XPSTORM fully couples 1D network flow with 2D overland flow to accurately model interaction between surface water flooding and drainage systems, including underground pipes and natural channels.

The 1D engine solves the full St Venant dynamic flow equations to account for the effects of storage, flood backwater and hydrograph timing in stormwater and river systems.

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